Fxpansion RTAS wrapper


Up until about November of last year all plugins I released with JUCE were reported to work with said wrapper. Since then, this seems to have changed, as I got a number of complaints on both PC and Mac… very vague question, I know, but is there anything that has changed in JUCE that could cause this (well, there has to be… ) ?


Obviously things change all the time, but I’ve no idea what would have broken it! If you can give me any more details I might be able to think of something relevant.


Question: Are you building your plugins with VST SDK 2.3 or 2.4? From what I have read, there are some things in 2.4 that need to be changed to work with the FXpansion wrapper. Lots of more recent plugins have issues with the wrapper.

Sean Costello


I use 2.4, but I always have. I’ve asked the most recent user with this issue, and he said that the wrapper simply says “not wrapped”… will try to get some more info.