GainDemo Player

Hello everyone.
I have just started to learn programming, but it is very interesting to me.
I really liked the Demo Gain, I added hotkeys, a pause button and keyboard scrolling, but my knowledge is still not enough. This player is the default for audio files, but when you double-click on an audio file, the player opens but does not load the file. How to register this function, please tell me.
Also, I could not bind the command + o to open the file. It would also be cool if you could launch the player from a specific place (by time or as a marker).
If someone has the opportunity to tell an inexperienced friend, he will be very grateful.
The files are attached.
I wish you all a good (19.2 KB)

Unfortunately, no one wants to help a friend. It’s a pity.

It’s not surprising that nobody wants to spend a couple of hours to investigate your code.
People are goodwill in that forum, but at the same time they are professionals with limited time.
Try to isolate questions in tiny parts with small snippets of code.

You should also puts your code on GitHub for instance ; personally i’m reluctant to download ZIP from unknown source. Not sure if i’m more paranoïd that average user. :laughing:

Sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please tell me which class should be used to load the file, if the program is the default for this file type.

I so not believe JUCE provides anything in this context. It is an OS specific thing that needs to be done, and is usually done by the installer.

Oh, of course if you already have the app launch working, which it looks like you do, then you just need to process the command line, which you can do from the JUCEApplication class.

Thank You