Garbled text on macOS

Hi, one user of an application of mine has a strange problem where (most) of the text in dialogs is completely garbled:

macOS sierra 10.12.3, English

It seems that every letter is replaced with some other letter. The top two labels are “Network Name:” and “Network Port:”. The bottom buttons are “OK” and “Cancel”.

It happens with the old version of our app (from 2013 or so), but also with a rebuild with JUCE from GitHub from March 5, 2017. I have neither been able to reproduce the problem on my computers, nor has there ever been a similar report.

I use this code for creating labels:
Label* createLabel(const char* text = “”) {
Label* l = new Label("", text);
l->setColour(Label::textColourId, Colour(NETWORKSETTINGS_COLOR_TEXT));
return l;

It seems that if I make a label bold, it does not suffer from the garbling:
Font f = lTitle->getFont();

Does anybody have a hunch what could be going on?


I vaguely remember fixing a similar bug a year or two ago, and it was due to hash collisions in the font code - i.e. it was pulling out the wrong glyphs from the glyph-cache because their hash codes were colliding with those for another font. But I fixed it by no longer using hashes for typefaces, so it can’t be the same bug if you really are seeing it with the latest codebase (?)

I’ve been able to fix a related issue with text fields by disabling Carbon support in Juce: