Genetic Sound Synthesis

Hi there,

I've severeral Questions according to the JUCE-Framework.


What I want to do:

Basically I want to implement this pape in JUCE as a Audio Plugin (VST&AU):

It's a evolutionary approach to "imitate" a given Signal by Synthesis.


So here are the Questions:

I know that the synthesis by genetic parameter tweaking is relatively computing extensive so I want to do some of my computations on my GPU via a shader.

So, is JUCE capable to handle things like Framebuffers and Shaders ?

I don't know which Plugin Model "fits" best to the general problem. 

So, has anyone a hint which Synthesis Model is general enough plus low in consuming computation time to perform this kind of tasks?

Perhaps there's someone out there who would share his .vst with me for this kind of experiment ?


in advance,

S.Schwank aka Paralysm



Found this kind of model:

Do you think this is capable ?