Get midi type/value mesage for FL Studio GUI

Hi, I’ve just started to learn VST plugin development and very excited about JUCE platform.
I have some programming skills but not much for midi protocol and VST.
Before getting started I want to know if it possible to get any event information from (i.e.) FL Studio via midi messages?
I mean I want to listen nearly any event happening in FL Studio (type and value), i.e. when I swapping generator windows (kick, clap, sawer e.t.c.) or changing some parameters in it (cutoff, noise, volume…).
Does FL Studio emit event message for current generator window which is active? Look at picture.

Really, even no advice?

You’ve got to remember that plugins must run inside all kinds of weird DAWs and other hosts - the plugin APIs can’t even assume that the host has a GUI - you certainly can’t expect to be told about anything as specific as the behaviour of FL’s generator window (whatever that is!). The only events a plugin gets are the ones the host sends directly to it, to control its own parameters and settings.

Thank you for the answer! I see… Now I am tryiing to find out how to watch midi messages from VST host to get a try to catch something related to it’s GUI event via midi messages.
So, if I understand you correctly, I should use FL Studio SDK instead?
Despite that fact there is SDK for every platform there is not much info about it, only tiny insufficient docs, that’s a pity.

MIDI has nothing to do with the GUI, it’s purely for music control events.

I’ve no idea whether FL studio has an SDK or what it might do, it’s not something that has much relevance to JUCE or cross-platform plugins.

Thanks! I will post if any result appears related to this issue.

If you haven’t seen any other VST plugin from another developer do the same thing, the chances are very high it’s something that just isn’t supported.

I’ll support it by myself then. hehe
j. kidding