get/setStateInformation on plugin load issue (not on presets!)

Hello to everyone,

I’m having trouble setting the state previously saved right before the plugin closes.

The two methods are used as they should’ve, in fact not all the parameters are not set correctly.

So I have some parameters, all sliders, that are associated with a single variable that changes value after parameterChanged gets called.

I also have implemented a custom component, like a matrix of buttons: when the button gets toggled, parameterchanged is called and a function inside it is executed.

The problem I am having is that after I open back the plugin, the putton that were previously toggled still are (so their actual state is correct), but them being toggled doesn’t trigger the function inside parameterchanged! So I’ll have to untoggle and retoggle them for it to work as expected.

Is there a way of calling the parameterChanged on them, like passing through all buttons and calling the parameterchanged if their state is true? where should I call it? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!