getAppName always "NewProject"

I happened to pull and rebuild the Introjucer today (commit 673b8b56) and noticed that main.cpp always contains the literal “NewProject” for getAppName, regardless of the project name or binary names set.

No… If you change it in the introjucer, it’ll be updated when you save the project.

I open the enclosed project, change the name, save.

ProjectName is altered in JuceHeader.h, but main.cpp still has the literal string “NewProject”.

I see the behavior you describe with the Introjucer I built a few days ago, but not the one today. I built it because I was going to write up step by step Android build hell, since I just went through it and wanted to make sure I was using your very latest.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question… main.cpp is only generated when you use the wizard to create a new project - it’ll never touch that main.cpp file again, that’s where you actually write your code! If you want to change the name in there, just edit it yourself. If you want it to return ProjectInfo::projectName, then just change it to do that.

It makes sense not to recreate main.cpp, folks would change things like run only one instance.

Sorry, I recalled the behavior being different. I guess I thought that it returned ProjectInfo::projectName by default. It just surprised me when everything else came up with the altered name, but the title bar in the generated window did not.