getCurrentAudioDeviceType crashed release mode firefoxplugin

Hi, jules
How are you?
In firefox plugin, I try to do device setting through the javascript calls.
deviceManager initialises the input and output devices succeesfully. It sets primary sound capture driver as
inputdevice, and primary sound driver as outputdevice.
I try to set one asio drivers. First , I use getCurrentAudioDeviceType(“ASIO”, true) to switch the current device type.
Then i use setAudioDeviceSetup(newSetup, true); to set the device
the code is as follows:

const juce::String currentDeviceType = m_deviceManager.getCurrentAudioDeviceType();
if (currentDeviceType != devType) {
	m_deviceManager.setCurrentAudioDeviceType(devType, true);

When I use plugin in debug mode, the performance is good. no crash.
after setCurrentAudioDeviceType get called, it pops me a window :
it says:
ASIO Direct sound Full Duplex Driver:
This audio input is not activated. Recording audio is not possible.
Please check on the ASIO Control panel button in the System(VST) or Device Setup(Nuendo)dialog.

I have one device name is “ASIO Direct sound Full Duplex Driver”, and now I does not specified any device, just set device type first.

I click “ok”, it continues working.

However, when I use “release” plugin, it crashed in this function, and javascript never get return value.
I build this plugin in Visual Studio.

is it the right way to set device ?


Those are driver-specific messages you’re seeing - I doubt if this is a juce problem, it looks like you’re doing things correctly.

Hi, jules
Do you have any ideas or suggestions to solve this juce150 release mode plugin issue?