getCurrentBufferSizeSamples & audioDeviceIOCallback

According to the docs on the numSamples argument of AudioIODeviceCallback::audioDeviceIOCallback(): “the number of samples in each channel of the input and output arrays. The number of samples will depend on the audio device’s buffer size and will usually remain constant, although this isn’t guaranteed, so make sure your code can cope with reasonable changes in the buffer size from one callback to the next.”

Can I expect numSamples LARGER than AudioIODevice::getCurrentBufferSizeSamples() to be passed to this method, or only smaller (which would make sense)?

In practice, it will almost certainly never be larger, but nothing is guaranteed - the callbacks are generated by the audio devices, and it’s up to them what they choose to do…

Has anyone in this forum ever encountered a situation where the supplied numSamples was larger than getCurrentBufferSizeSamples()? If it is a rare case only happening with very crappy hardware, I’d rather ignore it than obfuscate my code.