getIAAHostIcon fails to get icon on IOS11

I have the following behaviour with the same App downloaded from TestFlight:

  • iphone 6 with iOS 10.3.3 => the host icon is correctly fetched
  • ipod touch 6 with iOS 11.0.2 => the host icon is not found. A default icon is displayed
    I made the test with two different hosts : GarageBand and ToneStack

My guess is the issue is with iOS version.
I’m using juce 5.1.2 with the link fix for getIAAHostIcon.

I’ve just tested this with the InterAppAudioEffect example in examples/PlugInSamples/InterAppAudioEffect built with JUCE 5.2 on iOS 11.1. Everything appears to be working as expected.

Could you try running the InterAppAudioEffect example and updating to 5.2?

I’ve just tested InterAppAudioEffect with juce master and I have the same result. It works on iOS 10 but not on iOS 11.0.2
I’m using XCode 9.0.1. I have updates avaible for both iOS and XCode.
I will upgrade and test again.

I upgraded to iOS 11.1 on my ipod touch and it works both your example and my app.

We’ve not changed the IAA logic between the release of iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.1, so this looks very much like Apple’s responsibility!

I quickly noticed it was happening on non-JUCE apps; it is definitely an Apple problem, and is fixed with 11.1. If you get a customer complaint, chances are good they’re still on 11.0.x.

I also think this was a Apple iOS issue.
Thank you for your time.