getOperatingSystemName() Does not return Windows 10

On windows 10, SystemStats::getOperatingSystemName() returns “Windows 8.0”

Tried to debug into it, but I ended up in some windows api / binary mask stuff around isWindowsVersionOrLater(), so my brain swtiched to “protect-mode” and I now leave it to the Juce team.

That’s probably related to this communication:

There it was about getOperatingSystemName() in a plugin, but the clues about manifests and stuff might apply here too…

Hi Daniel
Yes I’m also trying to use the getOperatingSystemName.
I’m not creating a plugin dll, it is in a standalone app, so the manifest is created by the Projucer isn’t it?

Hi Nikolai,
yes I think so, but I am absolutely no expert in windows, I just wanted to connect to the thoughts I remembered reading.
I hope somebody with more profound experience in windows can chime in to either bring up a fix or explain how to deal with it…

Here’s the official example code from microsoft on how to get OS version number and name: