getRegistryValue on 64 bit OS


getRegistryValue on 64 bit OS doesn’t seem to work… The Juce doc says WIN32 ONLY, is this still the case? If so, why?


The “win32” is just an anachronism, it should say “windows only”. Are you sure it doesn’t work, or are you just looking for a non-existent value? Can you see where it’s failing?


I’ll try. The problem is my development machine is on win32 so I can’t debug easily.

It is a plugin. The 32 bit version reads the register fine on the same 64 bit OS, but the 64 bit version fails.


It’s more likely to be a permissions or key name problem than a bug in the code - the registry stuff is pretty straightforward.


Are you sure the 64-Bit value exits, e.g. not only a value in …\WOW3264… is written?
For example if the program that’s writing to the registry runs in 32-bit it can’t access the 64-bit registry (afaik).



registry reflection?


The value is in the right spot, not in the WOW6432Node. It just returns an empty string.


my fault… a typo… :oops: