getStateInformation from listener/slider

I know how to make my plugin be able to save position of sliders, by using valueTreeState.

But how to do that if I don’t use any valueTreeState, I habe in my plugin just sliders with attached listeners. And they are in the PluginEditor.cpp/h
But get/setStateInformation functions are in the PluginProcessor.cpp/h

So if I want my plugin to be saveable am I forced to use valuetree? Or is there any other way?
Thanks for any help. Best Regards

You don’t have to, but I would encourage you. It saves so much work…
Saving the state in get/setStateInformation is done in three lines.

Either way, all information has to live in the processor, any information in the editor is not necessarily available. Everything has to be able to work without the editor, since 90% of the time there is none…