Getting a host's plugin delay compensation from within a VST


Is it possible from a VST to ask its host what it (the host) is using for total plugin delay compensation?

I know how to do the reverse: have the vst answer the host's request as to what the vst's latency is. But I want to do sort of the opposite.

why? I have plugin that displays midi events on a timeline as they play. If the host's plugin delay latency is really large the events display significantly before audio is heard and this seems out of sync.

If I knew the total latency that the host was using I could delay the display of the midi events to match up the audio. 

Any advice is appreciated!



I don’t suppose the VST API provides a way to do that.
The implementation details of host-side plugin latency compensation is very host-specific, and there is no guarantee
whatsoever that the host will actually support it at all.