Getting Parameter Labels

Hi Jules,

I’m currently tinkering with the plugin host and editing the juce::GenericAudioProcessorEditor to see what the plugin system has to offer in JUCE, and I noticed there’s no way of getting VST parameter labels.

I took a look at the juce::VSTPluginInstance class and the method getParameterLabel() is private. How come? Do the other plugin formats not support this?

[attachment=0]VST Parameter Label Example.png[/attachment]

I can’t remember the details, but yes, I think it was only VST that supported this. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be supported, of course, but I guess nobody else has ever mentioned it!

So would that mean it will be implemented, and accessible for JUCE user usage? :smiley:


I agree this is a nice addition to the Juce API, even if only for VSTs.

Any news on this?