Getting Started Questions

To begin with, I have never developed an audio program other than visualizers, never anything like a plugin. So here are a few questions to clear things up as I get started.

  1. Testing. I read that you need the pro version of Projucer to test your project in real time, is there a free way to do this or do you have to compile it and test every time through like a DAW?

  2. App Specific. I am trying to create a basic SoundFont player (for samples I create), is there any open source ones that you know of or any tips you have that I could look at to get a better idea of where I need to go with this code? All I want it to do is have a working file browser for the fonts.

  1. You’ll need to rebuild your plugin each time you wish to test it in a host.
  2. Search the forums, I remember someone posting a soundfont player here at some stage in the past. Or at least a fairly length discussion about it.

yeah, there is an SFZ player, called SFZero, by Steve Folta: