Global button on DAW and write bpm, timeSignature, markers info to a file on button click

Hi fellow builders, I’m new here.

Currently looking to add a custom button at the top of the DAW where artist clicks to export certain musical information like bpm, time signature and markers info saved to a file. Any reference to docs or suggestions with code on this is much appreciated. I’m a js developer and keen on understanding the eco system.


Hi @logesh — welcome!!
I think you are probably in the wrong forum for this :). But nonetheless: as far as I know not every DAW allows you to just add stuff to their UI. I know Logic doesn’t. Reaper most likely does and I heard from multiple colleges that the forum is well attended to for those kinds of questions on if and how that’s possible (but you might want to Google a bit first to not appear „rude“).

I can’t speak for any other DAW concerning this kind of customization though.

thanks for your help and the kind words @Rincewind. I will look around to see what I can do with these requirements. It helps, If I can get a head start on this from builders like you on whats possible and whats not.
Would you also be kind enough to help me out on fetching the bpm, time signature and markers details? thanks again.

As I said, I don’t think it’s possible at all (apart from in Reaper) and it is definitely not possible with JUCE to add buttons to the DAW UI, sorry :confused:

oh, even fetching the bpm and time signature is not possible with JUCE. I didn’t expect that. Anyway thanks @Rincewind I will see what other solutions can be used to fetch such data.

sure it is. just make a plugin

@Mrugalla are you suggesting that it’s possible to fetch information like bpm, timesignature and markers using normal GUI plugin or any type of other plugin (ARA) ?

Just adding, that bpm and time signatures are not static values. Apart from trivial pop songs, in a piece the tempo may vary, so there is not much point in exporting those values.
As a second note, not all hosts provide that info anyway.

But like @Mrugalla hinted, the AudioPlayHead allows you to read the current values while playing back, if that’s of any help.