Global object of custom component doesn't work

I have the 3 files for the application Main.cpp, GUI.h and GUI.cpp. Inside GUI.h and GUI.cpp I have all the classes for every gui component I have in my application. So far everything was great but now I need to access a child component (lets call this component statusbar) function from another child component (call this component imagepanel). So I decided to declare statusbar globally at the top of GUI.cpp (‘StatusBar statusbar;’) and then hopefully access statusbar’s functions from imagepanel. That didn’t work, the program failed on an assertion (‘jassert(Colours::white==0xffffffff);’) saying in comments something was not initialized correctly. Since that didn’t work I changed ‘StatusBar statusbar;’ to a pointer ‘StatusBar *statusbar;’ and then of course I did ‘statusbar = new StatusBar();’ inside main gui component’s constructor and changed every call to statusbar from ‘statusbar.’ to ‘statusbar->’. I thought everything should be good now but when I tried to run, it just crashed somewhere inside the ‘juce_Rectangle’ file. Please someone knows what’s wrong???

Just sounds like basic C++ beginner misunderstandings, but very hard for people to help without you showing your code.

(But yes, definitely never declare a global or static Component, that’s really not a good idea!)

I never declare globally but I feel that I don’t have any other option here. I mean what’s the best way to contact between different components?

Pass pointers or references of the components between each other. Or preferably, consider designs where the components don’t need to directly know of each other. For example the Juce broadcaster/listener design is an example of the latter.

I tried something like this:

       class ChildComp : public Component {
                      ChildComp(ParentComp& parent) {


but it dosn’t work, it gives me error on constructor. “No instance of overloaded function matches the the specified type”

does your header match your implementation?

if you google that error message, all of the answers are basically that.

Okay, that was actually a stupid error. The class definition of child class was on the top of parent class definition, easily solved by adding class ParentComp; on top of child class in header file. However, I found a better(?) way to “connect” gui components. In every child component of the main gui component I added a private member objevt ‘GUI mainGUI;’ and a public function 'void setMainGUI(GUI mainGUI) { mainGUI = mainGUI; }’ and everytime I create a child instance inside the main gui component I pass itself on the setter function. I think this is a good solution, please correct me if I am wrong.

Btw, I just realized that when I resize the window of the application, I notice some flickering. It’s not smooth. Irrelevant I know, but any idea why?

What are you doing in your resized() method(s)?

I just resize everything according to the new size of the window. Nothing more.