Global Preferences:

Defaults for: 

  • OSX Compatibility Version

Would stop some pain ;)


OSX SDK: This should always be at

/Applications/, ...MacOSX10.10.sdk etc.

If it's not found at this location, Xcode won't find it either!

OSX Compatibility Version: that's a build setting and it belongs there because it's a per-app setting. You can always leave the setting untouched, in which case it will use the compiler default (whatever that is should be determined by your platform and your Xcode/compiler version, not by Introjucer).

Timur -

I think the apple defaults are silly though. 

The steps now, using MacOS 10.9 with the latest Xcode

  • Open Introjucer. 
  • Create project
  • Open in Xcode
  • Build
  • Run ... Fails.

Because by default the compatibility settings are set to OSX 10.10 .. it's quite annoying :) 


Fair enough...  but that's Apple being silly and not us, right? What default setting would you suggest we should use instead?

Somehow I feel a bit hesitant going down that road, because you could then go ahead and take most of the build settings and stick them into the Global Preferences instead...

I'd prefer to use the global preferences for things that will actually have different values on different developer machines (like the VST SDK path etc)... that's what we introduced them for...

Quite the needed feature - good to see it in!

But as expected, the defaults are *nix biased. So I'd like to suggest Windows specific defaults, for when you've a moment.

e.g.: When running the Introjucer on Windows, I would see: C:/SDKs/VST3 instead of ~SDKs/VST3 SDK

Yes, that's exactly what should happen. If you are running Introjucer on Windows, the default values for the paths are C:\SDKs\...

It works on my Windows machine...

...except of course if you look at the build settings for an Xcode or makefile configuration. Since these exporters are generating projects that will be compiled on *nix machines, their default values will be ~/SDKs/... even if Introjucer runs on Windows.

Hope that makes sense?

talking about sdk paths..
I saw that the default path for the vst2 sdk is ~/SDKs/VST3 SDK while I would have expect ~/SDKs/vstsdk2.4
So we don't need the vstsdk2.4 at all and that we can build vst2 plugins with the vst3 sdk?

Yep, exactly. The latest VST2 SDK is part of the VST3 SDK, and actually Steinberg recommends that you just use the VST3 SDK for everything (they even removed the VST2 SDK download link from their 3rdparty developer website)

I"m looking the Global Preferences... not specific exporter stuff - well aware of the difference!

Here's an example image on what I'm talking about:

Note that that's a super fresh build of Introjucer, with all of the app settings deleted.

OK, don't know what's going on, but why don't you just put the correct Windows paths in there?

The Introjucer will remember your settings.


No kidding!

But it doesn't fix your clearly broken defaults system!

As I said, I can't reproduce it.

If I delete the Introjucer stored settings (%AppData%/Introjucer/Introjucer.settings) and then restart Introjucer, the global preferences will be reset to the following default values:

Does it behave differently on your machine?


I had exactly the same behaviour here ...