Glowing Star trail effect like Ikaossilator APP

hello everybody,
for a school project i need to create a XY multitouch interface. i have already do with the Multitouch demo but i need that look like this

téléchargement it’s possible ? and if is it possible, how ?

Thank you in advance.

This is possible to do, but that doesn’t mean you can (or should) do it.

In any case, could you be more specific? What part of it do you want to look like? What can we help you with?

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Thank for your reply, in the Ikaossilator when you touch the screen you have a glowing point and when you drag it you have a kind for shooting star effect. my goal is to modify the multitouch demo project to have this glow effect on the the trail and on the touch point. But i’m a very novice programmer, and i don’t have absolutely no idea about how to reproduce this… can you help me to modify the multitouch demo project ? or can you give me some example to do that ?

thank in advance.

sorry for my bad english i’m french :confused:

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No worries,

It would be a relatively involved process which would require some pretty custom behavior. If you know openGL, writing a shader for this might be a good option.

I’d try to make sure it’s something you’re prepared to do with your skills and knowledge.

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for be honest, i have never use openGL before and it is the first i program a app.

i know i begun something complex but it’s gonna be a real advantage for my final mark, and i’m motivated :smiley: .

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In theory it’s quite simple:

  • You have a buffer which you “add” an alpha blended blob to, depending where the user’s finger is.
  • Each frame you fade every pixel in that buffer towards the background colour (black in Kaosillator).
  • Then just display the buffer on screen.

The practice is another matter alltogether! It would be relatively simple to achieve using juce::Image, but the performance would very likely be abysmal, hence the suggestion to use OpenGL.


Best of luck! For a school project the above approach seems great, it would be a fun learning experience I’m sure. Let us know how it goes!