Google SoC step 2: Mentors!

As briefly stated in the previous post, we’re getting closer to applications openings. So now we have only one week left to find mentors and write an “ideas list” page.

[size=150]Step 2: Mentoring[/size]
Mentoring is fairly easy. All you have to do is:
[]Be the main point of contact for your student[/]
[]Help him get the hands on the project and point him to the right direction when questions arise[/]
[]Evaluate his work (and fill the requested evaluation forms)[/][/list]
To help you in this task you’ll have access to a mailing-list of all the mentors of all the SoC projects (in addition to the support of the Juce community, of course).

You don’t really have to know everything about the subject, but you should have the skills to complete it if you were to work on it full time. All you need (except love :wink: ), is a few hours a week to dedicate to your student, and a sufficient knowledge of Juce (for instance don’t tell your student to write his own class when there’s already something appropriate in the library).
This is how we’re going to proceed:
[]Consult the subjects list on[/]
[]Post here the numbers of all the subjects you’d be interested to mentor (even if you wouldn’t have time for all of them, and even if someone already said they’d be interested)[/]
[]Also mention how many subjects you’d be able to mentor at the same time in case several of your subjects are selected[/][/list]
Then, only when we get the list of all the students that applied, we get to accept or reject them in regard of the mentors available.

In the meantime, I’ll prepare a page with all the subjects that get at least one mentor (2 is better) and document them better (description, prerequisites, etc.).
Jules, can I get the edition right on a Wiki page for this?

As far as I’m concerned, I feel I could mentor subjects 3, 7, 8, 9, 13.
With a max of 2 simultaneous (co-)mentorings running.

The ones that interest me most would be NaCl (and maybe WinRT, though that’s probably of little interest to Google). Would be happy to mentor on those.

Absolutely - go for it! That’s the kind of thing that the wiki’s there for!

The ones that most interest me personally are WinRT, NaCL, and accessibility (19?) My wife and I donated assistive technology labs to some of the California regional centers, so I could connect students to user groups with special needs for that one.

Related to that one, I should have suggested multi-platform generic USB and serial device access. OS X offers fairly low level USB device access from applications, but other platforms, like Windows, require kernel level drivers. A lot of the specialized adaptive equipment for the disabled is either vendor specific USB, or USB via common USB->serial chips (ex. FTDI).

Good multi platform serial support is a bit of a pain, and generic USB device access an even bigger one. It seems like a possible because it could be a specialized project of some appeal (ex. support hardware intended for the disabled on multiple platforms), but be of possible broader use to the overall Juce community. If it isn’t a SoC project, it is something I’ll do at some point this year (I’ve already done USB drivers and serial stuff on all the platforms).

Anyway, in addition to those four, I’d be willing to mentor on anything that is audio, MIDI, or graphics related. But, realistically, I couldn’t mentor more than 1 or 2 total.

I’d be interested in co-mentoring the Multicore/Multiprocessor graph. I’m not sure I’d have enough knowledge to do this on my own but I also know a few Jucers have expressed interest in that topic (from the top of my head, [size=150]chkn, ans, masshacker[/size], or anyone else interested really, if you’re reading this :slight_smile: ), so if another person is ok to co-mentor with me, then it’s a deal.

Oh, the Multicore/Multiprocessor graph would be awesome! I’d really like to partecipate, but I’m in the middle of finishing my graduation thesis (I’m studying electronic music at a local academy of music), and I really need at least 4 hours of sleep!
Maybe next year!

I created a wiki page with the subjects and a short description for each :
Please review and complete if needed.

@jfitzpat: you can add your usb device access idea based on the template in the ideas list. It might interest a student. Who knows?

Applications to GSoC open tomorrow, so I might contact all of you in private in the coming week if I need more information to complete the forms.

Sorry, thought I’d responded to this before. I can’t, no editing rights to the wiki page.

Didn’t see OSC on a list before, but I see it on the announce page.

I’m qualified and willing to mentor that project, if you wanted to unload it.


Excellent news Bruce! I added you as the main mentor for OSC :slight_smile: