Googling the JUCE Forum [SOLVED]

I can't seem to find anything i'm looking for from the forums with google. I always start, rather optimistically, Googling for answers to my JUCE questions. Google rarely finds anything useful. The search box on this site isn't any use either. However, i usually do find the answers, after a tedious manual search by simply browsing the forum and possibly narrowing the content a bit by some extremely generic keyword in the forum's search box. Unforunately this usually happens after i've posted my question to the forum. What is wrong with this forum? Have the web devs forgot to turn off the "block search engines" setting or something?

Hmm.. That's odd - google are definitely crawling it, and according to their webmaster stats, they do know about all the forum post URLs.. No idea why it would fail to find stuff that you're searching for. Maybe try using their advanced search, and tell it to only return results from

Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestion. Adding "" helps a lot - i immediately found one answer! :) However, Google goes extremely picky with this setting. I only get 8 results with quite a generic search "assert popup". I guess Google was insisting on "juice" when i was using plain "juce" in the search terms. Anyway, thank you for checking the CEO settings, now i know it's just Google.

The 'CEO settings' being Jules? 

Hah! The CEO settings...  I meant the SEO settings... of course. :)