Graphic clips in Samplitude Sequoia

Hi I’m running Magix Sequoia 11.2.1. I have acquired a couple of new plugins lately: PPmulatorXL and Sonoris Mastering Compressor. I’m 99% sure they are built with Juce (I started out with Tracktion years ago so I can ‘detect’ Juce sometimes!). Both are exhibiting clipped graphics in Sequoia when there is a change in the plugin window due to a mode change etc. It can usually be corrected by closing and opening the plugin again. See attached examples.

zplane said "Since resizing and switching orientation works fine in other hosts, the plugin wrapper is a very likely candidate for causing this. Not all JUCE plugin use dynamic resizing, and errors such often depend on the specific JUCE & host versions being used. "

Should I approach Magix with this report? I don’t hold much hope of success there, they are overwhelmed with v12 release issues.

Or is it an issue for the plugin developers ?


[attachment=1]PPmulator clip.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=0]Sonoris clip.JPG[/attachment]

Sounds like sequoia isn’t playing nicely with the juce plugin windows, but it’s impossible to say what’s wrong from the picture… My guess is that it’s something that would need to be fixed in the host, as I’ve not seen anything like that in any other hosts…

zplane actually described it in better detail here with a code ref in an earlier thread (that I missed):

true but then, sequoia plays nice with all other plugs (graphically) so…
I’m willing to try & take it to Magix development, but I’d need more info…

Well, if there’s a workaround that I could add, that’d be great. It’s just quite hard to try to guess how to work around some of this stuff from the plugin’s side, when we’ve no idea what’s going on inside the host.

Postscript, I sent this thread to Magix and they responded “the developer could reproduce the issue and will fix it soon.” Thumbsup.