Here is my current status on that grid component. Current details, download links, screenshots, etc, are available on my site, specifically at,442.msg2141.html.

Helpful critisizim(sp?) is appreciated. Do read the post before you download and note that it is a very early, ugly, version. Will make an example program should I get some free time, but I do have some example code up.

If you make changes that I might find in any way useful, please submit them to me so I can incorporate useful changes for everyone.


Any progress on this component?

I’m looking for a component similar to win32 list control (virtual mode).
Not necessarily editable cells.

Hakki Dogusan

Yea, something that juce is missing are a few of the basic mfc components. I havn’t really done anything else with this since it works exactly as I needed it to in my program. Obviously it is gpl though so anyone can continue working on it. If someone makes it good enough then maybe jules would add it into his main set.

suffering hell. You say that as if MFC had some worth. Oh no! Look, you made me say it! Pass the soap. NO NO not that kind of SOAP.

nails tongue to bench and thanks the gods that can no longer say ehhuhhhee

Heh, MFC has a lot of things due to its age, but because of its age, using those things is about as gentle as swimming with a dozen hungry sharks while you are covered in blood…

Yes, I have recollections of trying to use MFC’s tree control… Finally got it working, but after rewriting more then half of it…,