GUI builder for the prototyping stage (for parameters)

I’d like to see if there’s a project related to helping us on the prototyping stage of the plugin.
Basically, when I’m developing the core DSP logic, I really don’t care about the UI.
I just need a set of knobs to alter parameters.
Is there’s a project like that?

Ableton Live has built-in support for this:

But having a GUI for this will be helpful for other DAWs and ease of use.

There are a couple of options :

  • You can return Juce’s GenericAudioProcessorEditor from the createEditor method which will automatically generate a (very) basic GUI component from the plugin’s parameters.
  • Return false from the hasEditor method and null pointer from the createEditor method. Most hosts will then provide the plugin with an automatically generated GUI based on the plugin’s parameters.

That’s good to know. I’ll try that.

I usually use this, works fine in Cubase and Reaper at least, additionally in both those hosts you can just switch to “Generic editor” anyway, I would be surprised if other hosts didn’t give similar functionality.

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I just tried GenericAudioProcessorEditor and it does what I wanted.
It’s easier to use than the Ableton’s built-in UI.

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Thanks again.

I followed your suggestion and both works great for me.
So, I created a blog post and a screencast for others to get started.

Blog Post: Automatic GUI for Audio Parameters in Juce

(I learn about Juce from Output’s course on kadenze. I wish they mentioned about this).

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Also, in the AudioPluginHost you could right click on your plugin and choose show all parameters.

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