GUI design , LookAndFeel override & BinaryData....?!

Hi there,
I already posted about the fact I wanted to easily prototype & test new GUI elements.

The simplier entry point seems the LookAndFeel Class
Some of you carefully advices me to override the LookAndFeel Class.
Indeed, and I guess, I can write my own Class, overriding this or that part for the needs of this or that project.

I mean, that project requires THAT GUI, specifically… then I overrides all colors as I need (I don’t know if this is the correct term but…) ; that other projects require ALL knobs to be like that… I override the Class with my specific needs etc.

Am I right?

I guess, that Way, I can easily (even on the fly, I mean at running time) change the GUI for instance by clicking on this or that button.
This would be ONLY for testing purpose.
How would you do that?
Does it make sense ?

Knobman Stack Images VS BinaryData cache
I read a lot about using BinaryData.
BinaryBuilder provides that nice way to include all static content required by the project.
About using it, including the .h generated is the only thing to do to include data right ?
Won’t I have to link a particular dependant library to build the whole app/plugin ?
After that, I can grab the content by doing that for instance (grabbed from JuceDemo) :

[code]ImageButton* imageButton = new ImageButton (“imagebutton”);
addAndMakeVisible (imageButton);

    Image juceImage = ImageCache::getFromMemory (BinaryData::juce_png, BinaryData::juce_pngSize);
    imageButton->setImages (true, true, true,
                            juceImage, 0.7f, Colours::transparentBlack,
                            juceImage, 1.0f, Colours::transparentBlack,
                            juceImage, 1.0f, Colours::pink.withAlpha (0.8f),

    imageButton->setTopLeftPosition (10, 160);
    imageButton->setTooltip ("image button - showing alpha-channel hit-testing and colour overlay when clicked");[/code]

if I understand that ImageCache contains all images loaded (included?) in the project, how can I use other content ?
I found examples:

but where can I find demo/tuto showing how to “pop out” content from generated BinaryData .cpp file to any type ?

I used to use knobman to make minimal & nice GUI elements.
From leds to knobs, to sliders, to buttons…
Indeed, it all depends on the framework in which you have to use those elements and I made those last for max, usine & sometimes max for live too.
Now, my framework is Juce :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

So what is the best way to make/test/use customized knobs ?
Even if it looks like a detail here, in this more global question, I need to make a knob with a circle outside of it. You turn the know, the circle is filled progressively. Basic, not unique but I need that.
I can EASILY make that in knobman, stack image in one png.

But how could I use that into a juce project ? binarybuilder, include, and then ?

Should I code the whole stuff by creating a specific class including the whole “logic” of my knob ? I mean, including that circle changing the % of part filled considering the current value ?
In that case, what would be the starting point? Overriding something? starting from scratch ?