GUI does not react when entering text


I created a simple Window Component I want to use for an extension to the REAPER DAW software.

Because it takes some time to load the DAW and I don’t want to wait everytime, I created a demo project to test the plugin’s UI manually.

Within the REAPER DAW, the window works correctly, but within the Demo project, nothing happens when I enter a text into the TextEdit controls. But when I try to do it, and then maximize the window, the text is updated (however, the animation looks broken or “lags” somehow).

Can someone please have a quick look at it?:

I would be very happy if you could tell me what I am doing wrong.

Best regards

I fixed it in rev f1f794185be913aa599001a2951a7baaf7f691d9
Unfortunately, I still don’t know the exact reason why it didn’t work.

Maybe it could not be loaded from the DLL correctly. I moved the component class to a single file and referenced the sources directly in the GUIDemo project file. This way, it works.

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