GUI Editor buggy

Hi folks,

i was just wondering if the gui editor is so buggy because i’m doing something wrong?
It does strange things all day long, changing the appearance.

Here’s one of many examples:

It certainly could be due to bugs in the GUI editor, which is why we don’t recommend using it and only really keep it around for legacy reasons. When designing complex GUIs like the one in the video it’s much better to do your layout in code.

Ok thank you very much, i think doing it in code is better anyways i was just lazy.

+1 to hand-coding that kind of thing.

But I also think you might just have used some funny settings in the way you laid out those components… the width of that small button was “200%”? 200% of what…? Most likely you just had things set up relative to other things, and weren’t testing how the layout responded to changes in size. Although the GUI designer is old, it’s very simple and there’s not much to go wrong with it if you use it right.

well, that messy gui is my fault, it’s just not done yet. i was talking about the effect that labels and comoboxes were changed in size and placement through just testing the component.

Well yes, that could indeed be a bug!