GUI Fontserialiser

I was tired of using command line tools for serialising my fonts, so I quickly wrote this GUI-based font serialiser.
It lets you choose a system font in a combo box, displaying a test text in a label using the selected font. When you press the button, the font is serialised and converted into an uint8[] array that is put into the system clipboard so you can quickly copy and paste into your sourcecode.
Tested on Windows, not tested on OSX. Including New Jucer project.

I just built this today for OSX. I had some Juce path issues, but that often happens to me when working with a new Juce project in Xcode.

In my code, I just declared the generated array as static const unsigned char and pasted it into my code, and it worked great. The only issue I had was pasting the data into my .cpp file. For some reason, the lack of word wrapping at line breaks in the generated code caused Xcode to slow down to a crawl when trying to edit the file that I pasted the code into. Weird.

Anyway, thanks for posting this! I was having problems finding my desired font using my previous font serializer code. Your app found the font right away.

Sean Costello

zamrate, awesome tool, thanx!

Would be nice to have a file exporer in there to do the same to any binary file :slight_smile:

It’s the same thing as zamrate posted but with an option to export to file, import from file and test, nothing special really.

Although this sounds like a handy tool it’s actually not legal to ship your product with an embedded font you haven’t got the rights to distribute for, so be carefull with that.

just to be sure: the purpose of font serialization is (only) to include font directly in the binary?