GUI Kits Building best practices

I’d like to build easy useable GUI Elements.
By writing easy useable I meant, rapidly integrable using, I guess, LookAndFeel

Knobman is the tool to generate easily images sets.

But here, I’m looking for how to integrate them easily in a panel etc.

It can really sound a newbie question, but I’d like to have global set of files reusable, with almost all included

any experiences and ideas & best practices advices would be very appreciated.
I’ll work very soon on the GUI part of plugins series and I’d need a nice way to share/collaborate with another dev.


You should have a look to the forum and to some tutorials on about creating GUI elements.

About the developing part, do you have specific questions ? I don’t think integrating images done with knobman/skinman/photoshop in a JUCE application is that difficult… However, I don’t use that much LookAndFeel classes, I usually create new classes to do exactly what I need. Maybe other JUCE developers do something else…

However, my main problem with the graphic part of things is not to design separate elements, or to integrate them into an application, but to choose an organisation for my elements, and a general “theme” or layout. This is where I really have some difficulties, and I try to improve here with the inspiration of what other designers have done, in audio applications but also in video games…

I’ll check that as soon as it will be available!

about knobs and vector design parts, I’m almost OKAY.

My problem is more about how to “glue” UI elements to the C++ required to displayed/interact.

I’d love to speed up my dev by preparing some sets.