GUI Problems with 3200x1800 display



Is there anything I need to do differently when using openGL w/ a high resolution display? I am having major problems with standard gui elements when I have an openGL context -- I'm running in windows, the graphics card is an nvidia gtx 970m, & the screen resolution is 3200x1800. 


I thought this might be a problem w/ my app, but when I run the juce demo, the gui renders correctly until I click on the openGL demo. Then all of the gui elements render incorectly. Please see image:

Also, note I am on windows 8.1

Have you tried any other OpenGL apps?

Any difference if you run the simple OpenGl demo?

Also  this

Thanks Dub, but same issue in the openGL demo -- see the text on the top left of this image:

Also, this is being tested on a high-density display on a razer notebook.

Has anyone been able to run juce openGL apps on windows high-density displays? 


I don't think the issue is w/ the gtx 970m, as other openGL apps run with no problems.


Figured out a fix for the problem :


I went into the NVidia settings & turned ambient occlusion to performance, & switched the overall 3D view setting to performance, rather than quality.



So this was some kind of driver bug?