GUI/UX Integration Needed for Vocal Synth VST

Hello everyone,

My name is Natalia Shmueli, owner of Misbah Studios. We are currently developing a singing synthesizer software that is currently in a working prototype stage, and we are interested in your services to improve/redesign our GUI and integrate the front end into the back-end of our VST.

Job Description:

  • Develop a portable native JUCE GUI for a software synthesizer
  • Develop highly custom widgets to visualize/manipulate novel data
  • Integrate code with the existing backend
  • Create parameterized themes with an intuitive interface
  • Be responsible for the visual style and custom icons when necessary
  • Follow formal specifications for API design
  • Create a Dynamically scaling interface for different PPI and screen sizes


  • Have experience with developing using Modern C++ practices and guidelines
  • Have experience developing a JUCE GUI for audio software
  • Be comfortable working with a small team that uses a waterfall style of project management
  • Ability to prioritize the project backlog and bug fixes
  • Ability to provide accurate time estimates for feature delivery
  • Ability to make independent decisions

If interested, email us at We look forward to meeting with you!

Best regards,
Natalia Shmueli
CEO of Misbah Studios

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