GUIDOEngine demo / adding framework

I’m trying to get the GUIDOEngine GuidoViewer.jucer demo project running (MacOS exporter).

Currently the build is failing (GUIDO headers not found: E.G. #include “VGFont.h” -> “VGFont.h” file not found).

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
() Download guidolib.
() Download + install CMake and CMake command line tools.
() guidolib-dev/build $ make.
() Open GuidoViewer.jucer demo project.
() Reset module search paths to global paths (preset path was broken).
() Removed non-existent module juce_gui_audio.
() Exported to Xcode (MacOS).
() Attempt to build.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:
() GuidoViewer.jucer attempts to use GUIDOEngine.framework by adding the following to the MacOS exporter:
— Extra compiler flags: -I../../../../src/include
— Extra linker flags: -F../../../../build/MacOS/Debug -framework GUIDOEngine
() ../../../../src/include contains only MIDI2Guido.h (not a framework header).
() ../../../../build/MacOS/Debug does not exist. /Release does, and contains GUIDOEngine.framework.
() GUIDOEngine.framework/headers does contain all the #included headers.

Here are some fixes I’ve attempted:
() Change linker flag: -F../../../../build/MacOS/Debug (non-existent) to /Release
() Delete linker / compiler flags from .jucer; drag .framework into project; link + embed.
() Copy headers from GUIDOEngine.framework/headers into the extra-compiler-flagged -I../../../../src/include.

And all, so far, to no avail.
I can generally handle JUCE pretty well since it’s excellently documented but when running up against external framework issues like this my lack of CS study really gets in the way.
Any down-to-earth, relatively plain-speaking help much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Emailed Dominique at Grame. He very kindly updated GuidoViewer.jucer and the JUCE Guido binding which was a bit behind. Project now building and running.

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