GUIs and different displays

Hi this is more of a graphics design question, but I’m sure a lot of you have stumbeld upon this:

How do you deal with the exreme differences there are in display colors/lightness etc?

I designed my GUI on my TFT panel and when I saw it on a different monitor it looked like literal :poop: Now I tried to make it look good on my work monitors (pretty high quality IPS panels) and now it looks like **** at home. Whats the best approach? find the middle? Please the most expensive monitor and tell the others its their fault? How do you approach this?

The Image scaling on Windows is terrible compared to macOS… if possible have 1:1 images and load the right size dynamically.


I don’t think he talks about sizes, but rather colors / contrast.

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If they are expensive panels check your color management settings. Are you using a wide gamut color space?

Or is your display at home HDR? I found that when I turn on HDR and use the OpenGL context, everything looks super-terrible. The whole UI looks faded, as if someone cranked up the brightness to 100% and the contrast down to 0%.