GZ class are actually doing Zlib compression

This is not very important per-se, but the class named “GZip(De)compressor(IO)Stream” are actually using Zlib compression and not Gzip.
Gzip differs from Zlib for small, but significant point:

  • GZip stores filename + file size + modification time in a Gzip-only header & footer
  • GZip use CRC32 and not Adler32 checksum algorithm.

So, if you intend to use GZip stream class for handling HTTP’s Gzip’ed content, it’ll fail because of this.
Hopefully, most server advertize either “deflate” or “gzip” for their “Transfer-Encoding” and the former is what Juce support (don’t be fooled by the “gzip” value).

Yes, it’s a bit of a misnomer… I have considered renaming it, but it’ll mean a lot of renaming for people. Maybe after the next release I’ll change it.