Happy me

sorry, useless post, I'm just really happy!
because wooooowwww, i just got a new mbp with retina, and man, my plug has never been so nice!!
the font is so so perfect, and all the graphics details are sharp and beautiful!

my plug is now way more beautifull than the host i'm using :) (reaper is now a bit fuzzy)
now I'm so glad I followed your advices and decided to go to resizable vector graphics instead of shitty images! :)

i'm loving juce even more!

ps : please people don't take it like an advertisement for apple retina! that's not my point here (and there's a lot of counterparts : no more firewire, no more cd, no more ethernet, less cpu than 3 years ago for the same price, etc..! :)
the point is juce is wondefull! thumbs up

I want one, but i can't quite justify replacing the MacBook already.  And if I did, I just know that the cinema display will suddenly look dated in comparison, ruining my day! :)

I do need to make the logos on my plugin vector graphics instead of bit maps though I think...