Has Android development improved for Windows PC Developers?

I noticed in the past that there were issues with Android Studio on Windows 10 and I’m wondering if the new Huckleberry JUCE has made the PC more viable for Android development. I do own a MacBook, but I was considering upgrading my PC soon anyways. And if PC is not yet viable, I might divert those funds to an iMac or Mac Pro. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Non-JUCE related thoughts:

  • Android Studio 3.0 Preview just got released at Google IO two days ago.
  • Why not run Windows in a VM under macOS? Rumours have it that new Macbook Pros (Kaby Lake processor, 32GB RAM) will be announced at the WWDC17 in June, and maybe new iMacs too.
  • It’s not a good time to buy an expensive Mac Pro, “after 2017” a new modular Mac Pro will be released according to Apple.