Has Juce structure changed?

I am an absolute beginner with Juce
I am trying to follow a series of beginners tutorials on Juce a friend has sent me.
I am on osx10.7 latest version of juce latest version of xcode.

In the tutorial
It asks me to go to the source trees inside Xcode and add the link to the Juce folder so it can find Juce.h.

However it comes back with that this is deprecated.
All the example files have the following Source components structure

This seems different to the structure I get when aI build a GUI application from the IntroJucer app.

The tutorials go through how the AppComponent belongs to the Appwindow which belongs to JuceApp.

Could someone suggest how I could use the old tutorial files i.e. is there a way to import them into a new project using introjucer?

Sorry for such a basic question but I really am starting from scratch here, if I can just get the tutorial examples to work then I have a good platform to learn Juce which starts from a total beginners point of view.