Has somebody implemented broadcastMessage?


All is in the title : is there an implementation of the MessageManager::broadcastMessage for Linux ?
I suppose an alternate way should be using good old pipes…

Incidentally, I was looking at the same “TODO” in juce_events/native/juce_linux_Messaging.cpp the other day.

Jules, if one was inclined to fiddle with a Linux implementation, what are your preferences/thoughts about that?
pipes/shm/Xlib ICCCM/etc?
Was it ever discussed before, what previous thoughts exist on the subject?

You know, that whole “broadcast message” thing’s a real mess. It’s very very old code that doesn’t belong in the message manager, it should be refactored into some kind of BroadcastManager(?) class and given a good tidying-up.

For linux, I’m not sure how best it could be done - on Windows and Mac there are OS tricks that do the job more cleanly than messing about with pipes, but I don’t know linux well enough to know if anything similar exists…