Have you guys seen Arcade by Output?

Really not intending to make this a plug, I have no affiliation with them whatsoever.

But it seems like they just sprung up from nowhere. (I wasn’t aware of their products prior to this latest one)

They have an interesting (albeit simple) idea and I’m keen to hear what your thoughts on it are.

Link for the unintiated: https://output.com/arcade

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I’m not really into the concept. Maybe that’s partly because I prefer to build my songs from my own compositions rather than sampling from pre-existing loops. But still though… I don’t like the idea of curated beats on a subscription. Sounds like a gimmick that offers no value to me. They’re just removing our ability to choose what beats we want. I would rather subscribe to a service that lets me choose.

I felt the same but it is very good! You waste time just exploring and then it triggers new ideas.

i’m totally with you. plugins like that are kind of an insult to me as a musician. it’s like saying “you’re too dumb to make good music on your own”. however from a marketing perspective i think it’s a good plugin, because composing with pre-mixed loops is really popular nowadays and it was just a matter of time until some plugin developer makes something like that. i’m still torn how i should feel about the subscription services though. on the one hand, if one of them really gave me ALL plugins i want I guess it might be worth it. But realistically my plugin library is a chaotic mix of a lot of developers’ products, sometimes only 1 plugin per developer if it stood out somehow. would make absolutely no sense to me to pay a lot of money to get a specific mix of plugins. for some reason some people seem to like that nowadays, so there must be something cool about that

The wise among us, I believe would prefer subscription models.

There’s something that stimulates our primitive brain with the thought of ownership, I believe, and sure, when we begin our passion for music recording/mixing etc. We think it will last forever, but even if it did, will your desire for this one plugin last equally as long?

Ultimately we just want to save money, and the author likes having some sort of predictable income. So the subscription model offers a win/win environment to both parties.

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