Hawkins - Make JUCE layouts with JSON

Hey guys,

I wanted to share my first public JUCE project with you all: https://github.com/Ashvala/Hawkins

The purpose is to take JSON files and generate JUCE layouts with it. It’s a proof of concept, but, right now, you can:

  • Add TextButtons, attach callbacks to them or do some animations with them.
  • Paint - rectangles, images, ellipses, text
  • define animation properties in your JSON file

I built it so that I can do some rapid prototyping with it. I’m eager to hear your opinions and thoughts on it!

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Thanks for sharing, cool idea!

…but why have you used a 3rd party json parser when juce already has one?

I have very little experience with JUCE’s own JSON parser and a relatively higher amount of experience with the other one. I will port it over soon!