Headless LV2 Rack


I am interested in developing a command line based Linux tool that allows creating arbitrary LV2 effects racks, which can be modified in real-time and also used for processing input signals. For example, I’d like to be able to chain an arbitrary set of LV2 plugins in a particular topology comprising serial and parallel connections. I’d then like to be able to process audio through the effects chain. Would Juce be a suitable tool for such purposes?



Something like a headless version of Carla?

Does it need to be cross-platform??

Not necessarily. I simply want to be able to interconnect an arbitrary number of LV2 plugins. I don’t need the output tied to any clock signal. I simply want to be able to call process from an API and get the output of the entire signal chain. So I don’t really need Jack.

I don’t think JUCE can yet host LV2 plugins. @falkTX can give you much more detail on this than I can as he authored a JUCE LV2 plugin wrapper.