Heads up, PDBs & seperate plug-in targets in VS

After scratching my head before understand the dumb reason this happens I thought it would be nice to share with fellow jucers.

Our build scripts keeps the PDBs for each build.
As of today we have 7 PDBs… (RTAS/AAX/VST/VST3 x32, AAX/VST/VST3 x64).

During testing for upcoming releases I’ve noticed my symbolication won’t work even with generated PDBs.

It turns out Microsoft (VS, WinDBG) cares about the name so you should make sure the PDB has the EXACT name it had.

  • The reason I’ve renamed it in the first place is because my script copy all target PDBs and add proper suffix (eg. ProductName_VST3-32.pdb). so I store the exact build symbols with it.