Hello World VST3 Tutorial Help!


I have been trying to follow the ‘Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1’ tutorial but keep hitting the same problem. I can successfully build the VST3 plugin but when I try to use the AudioPluginHost and scan a folder for the VST it throws an exception.

The comments above the line where the exception is thrown says ‘The plugin NEEDS to provide a factory to be able to be called a VST3’. I have tried to drag the plugin into the AudioPluginHost but that leads to the same error. I think I have followed the steps of the tutorial closely but I must be missing something. I have DL’d the VST3 SDK and set the path in global destinations, although I don’t think that’s needed according to the tutorial if its a recent Projucer.

Possibly related is that building the AudioPluginHost takes a very very long time loading symbols - I have never run a project that takes as long as this to load symbols - so long that it never finishes so I just cancel and the host loads. Perhaps something is not right there.

Would really appreciate any help on the matter, i’m pulling my hair out :wink: - I’m running Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017 on a pretty decent i7 machine.

Well, how embarrassing - I should have payed closer attention. When launching the AudioPluginHost I failed to notice that it was selecting VS 2013 by default. This then caused the host to be running as a 32bit app, meanwhile the VST was built as 64bit, Doh!