Help: Apple Magic Trackpad taps/clicks are processed in a different way

Hi! Here is the issue: the clicks and taps on an Apple Magic Trackpad are processed by plugin GUI in a different way. The 'clicks' are working pretty well but I need to 'tap' several times to bring focus to a control. (The OS-level setting 'Tap to click' in System Preferences -> Trackpad which emulates click when user just taps on a Trackpad surface is set to 'on').

If there is a way to process 'taps' in the same way as 'clicks'? How can it be done programmaticaly?

Thanks a lot for your help. I was unable to find some relevant info by searching the web. The only reference was found on this forum, mentioned the different rates of data being sent from mouse comparing to trackpads. Can this be a reason of my issue? Does this relates to clicks as well?

(I'm not really a developer, I'm an user of an audio-plugin developed on JUCE platform. I need a little help from the developers community to understand the problem and make a clear bug report, so it can be easily fixed.)

Just get a quick idea: maybe the 'clicks' generated by trackpad when 'Tap to click' setting is turned 'on' are too fast, comparing to the conventional mouse clicks? Can this be a reason why the plugin GUI often ignore them? If there is something a programmer can do about?

Thank you. 

Any messing about with taps/clicks/whatever happens at the OS level before it reaches the application - the app doesn't even get told what kind of physical source the event came from.

I suppose it's possible that your program is misinterpreting two clicks as a double-click and behaving differently, but TBH it's no help for you to give the developers that kind of detail - they'd need to see it for themselves and debug it anyway. If there's a problem, the most useful thing you can do is to just clearly tell them how to reproduce it.