Help determining feasibility of a project

Hey, I am in need of a very specific functionality in a plugin , and I was hoping to ask here if it is even feasible , I know nothing about programming , and I do not know how to code… but I’m willing to try to learn as long as I’m not trying to do something that anybody with some experience with this could see is obviously a waste of time …
so what I need is a vst that can load another vst , and then hide the latency for the daw . To clarify , the loaded vst (more specifically it’s the overbridge plugins from elektron , which induce a latency of 30ms ) would by these means lie to the daw about any latency , and report a zero latency and as such not trigger a response from the automatic delay compensation .
Is this possible?
Of course this would in almost all cases seem more like a bug than a feature , but in my very specific setup it would be absolutely golden !

Yes, this is possible and relatively easy to do in JUCE.

Some DAW’s actually can disable PDC per plug-in instance, e.g. REAPER.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to prevent you from learning how to code, experience the frustration when something doesn’t work, but also enjoy the magnificent feeling when something just works… but maybe that might solve your issue a little bit faster :slight_smile:

eylamir: thanks for the quick reply . thats is good to know!
danieldrudich : i see i should have clarified my goals a little bit , the intention is to have something specifically to work with Ableton , but this functionality you describe in Reaper is definitly exactly what i need …
I would indeed be more than happy with any solution , something like metaplugin or the bluecat Patchwork would be great , but understandably not reporting the correct latency would usually just create problems , so i can understand why its not really a feature of these .
The whole issue is this software the synth company Elektron makes , called Overbridge , which acts as a bridge between their hardware boxes , of which i have four , and your DAW , through a set of VST plugins .
Its all pretty neat , but my problem is that because it also streams multichannel audio through usb , about 30 ms of latency is added , which is absolutely not a problem if you enter your stuff with a mouse and program your notes that way , but if you want to noodle along with your keyboard on other synths and such in realtime its really a dealbreaker .
Its really unfortunately for me , because the plugins offer a great GUI for programing the synths , and also has a really nifty Total Recall function that alows you to save the synths settings in the daw project .
Now it is not impossible to work around this , i have indeed toggled delay compensation of and on ad nauseum , bounced the tracks etc. , but in the end i found that the hassle was to big , and i ended up just not using the plugins .
It is not possible to disable the audio stream functionality, and more than one elektron employee has responded to me contacting them with the issue that it is not something they are thinking about adding as a function .
I have been looking around for a solution for a long time , and i´m kind of out of ideas except this last hope of a little devious wrapper that does nothing else than lie to Ableton about the induced latency .
Im pretty far from technically apt with computers outside music technology , so this might not be a viable solution for me either , but im kind of hoping that my needs for functionality are so trivial that even i might be able to figure out how to do it!

I just actually was looking at this this morning:

Not exactly what you mention, but I think approaching the same problem

Anyway, creating a meta plugin like that should be very possible.
However, you’d need some control over JUCE as it requires understanding how plugin hosting work, forwarding parameters/automation from the meta plugin to the plugin, handling presets, etc.

I would assume it’s all things you can learn/hire someone to do for you, as to me this is a well defined project without too many complications, especially if you only need the result to work in Ableton Live.