Help need with mic array processing

Hi all
I’m looking for an audio developer to help me with microphone array processing software.
We are a tiny company with acoustics & audio expertise, but novices when it comes to software development.
We have some neat ideas about microphone arrays, and are looking for someone to help get us moving in the right direction. This might be a just couple of days setting us up with a framework so we can try out our algorithm ideas, or might turn into a long-term partnership.
We’re based west of London, but open to remote working.
If this sounds interesting to you please do get it touch.


Sounds right up my alley. Please see my post and e-mail me if you think I might fit your needs: Audio Plugin Programmer looking for no-rush project (e-mail at bottom of post)

Edit: And yes, I can set you up with the framework so that you can experiment with your own algorithm ideas.

Edit: Oh, I’m based in the US, but I commonly work with people overseas during their morning working hours (my graveyard shift).

Hi all
Many thanks to everyone who got in touch about this. We’re now sorted.
What a knowledgeable and friendly lot you are!