Help ! non lazy pointer juce_mac_NativeCode.o

Trying to update juce by the SVN, to recompile and refund my XCodeProject, I dont match anymore compilation of my proj.

Juce compiles ok.

But I get 32 errors in my project mentionning :

[quote]"_DRDataFromKey", referenced from:
_DRDataFromKey$non_lazy_pointer in libjucedebug.a(juce_mac_NativeCode.o)

$non_lazy_pointer in libjucedebug.a(juce_mac_NativeCode.o) repeats 32 times.

Have a good week end, and thanks if help.

Have you modified any of the Juce Mac native code? If so you need to touch the file so that it is rebuilt (not just the individual juce_max_xxxx files).

Otherwise have you tried a clean build?

Finally is _DRxxx… Disc Recording stuff? Maybe your missing this framework from the build?

actually i did not touch any native or other code from latest Juce

Then I commented many define i dont wanna use as DiscBurn right.

I clean all before compiling.

Am i enforced to use DiscBurn ?

This might give an insight.

The last link is in french. Translated it but it didn’t make much sense.

Ignore the ‘non-lazy pointer’ bit - the important fact that it’s trying to tell you is that libjucedebug uses something from the disk burning library.

So you’ve obviously built libjucedebug with disk recording enabled… So just rebuild juce with DR disabled…

Thank you Jules, i got something similar with one past revision. (QuickTime)

VishVesh, thank you. Are you french-speaker or hindi-speaker ?

My mother tongue is tulu, but i do speak hindi and kannada. And am clueless when it comes to French, but my mac helps me out :slight_smile: .You seem to have good knowledge of India. :smiley:

I like India but I dont actually know really well; but as I like films from, and I’m interesting in language sciences, and many other reason making me want to learn hindi (cause tamul is less spoken I was said).

If you want us to exchange films or doc you to learn french, I for hindi…