Help with ff_meters


i have been using the really excellent ff_meters for a new project. everything looks great in the plug in host but when i open my AU in a DAW the meters are not displayed at all. was wondering if anyone has come across this issue?

i have tried various sizes and meter styles.


if they don’t show up, it usually means they are set to zero channels.
The original version automatically adapted at runtime for channels, but because that triggers an allocation and the measureBlock is usually called from the audio thread, I added an opt-out projucer flag.

TL;DR: try to call in prepareToPlay()
meterSource.resize (getTotalNumInputChannels(), 0.01 * sampleRate / estimatedBlockSize);

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thats great. just before you replied i tried the single channel meter and it displayed so i guess this is because it has its channel preset to 1.

i’m still not sure how to estimate my block accurately size and keep support for multiple samples rates but just bashing the first number to come to mind (512) in there seems to be working fine. thanks so much !

I can´’t get to load the ff_meters module in a new project. I moved the directory as downloaded from Github to /modules
I tried setting the Global Path and also setting it manually, but I get a Module Not Found in all cases.

Any idea of what I may be doing wrong?

If it can’t find the module, the path settings are wrong. Windows or Mac?

When downloading from github it has the nasty habit of renaming the project. It might be called ff_meters.master or ff_meters.develop. Projucer doesn’t like that, the name of the folder must be identical to the base name of the master include file (ff_meters.h) to be accepted.
So please rename the folder to ff_meters and try again.

When you clone from github that renaming doesn’t happen.

I guess that’s what happened. Otherwise let me know and we can investigate further.

I solved. I did the cloning but I think the problem was that I was putting the modules in the root /modules dir with all other JUCE modules.
When I moved them to a custom modules folder inside the project dir (as done in this video Daniel Walz - Build Your Juce UI's easily with Plug-in GUI Magic (Pt 1 of 2) - YouTube) it worked :slight_smile:

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