Help with JUCE reverb object/class

So I’m trying to work with the Reverb class :

But I’m a bit stuck with the syntax I guess. I’m in a C++ II programming course and still getting the hang of it.

I’m trying to set the parameters for the reverbObject like so:
reverbObject.setParameters(Reverb::Parameters::roomSize &roomSize);
reverbObject.setParameters(reverbObject.parameters.roomSize &roomSize);

The first line gives an error stating “invalid use of non-static data member” and the second line gives an error stating “parameters is a private member of Reverb::”

So I’m just looking for a little help with Reverb class. I can’t find anything online so I’m just going off of the documentation.

Reverb::Parameters pars; // can obviously have this as a class member in your AudioProcessor or whatever too
/* set the parameters with pars.roomSize=0.5; etc */

What may have confused you is that the Parameters are a nested class in Reverb, not a nested object that is available together with the reverb object instance. So you need a separate object instance of the parameters that you then have to set for the reverb object.

Oh this makes so much sense now. Thank you so much for the explanation.